La Chandra Bioscience began operations in mid 2010 with a plant tissue culture project aimed at producing high quality, economical and disease-free seed stock locally for potato growers of North Gujarat, one of India’s leading potato growing regions. The company achieved rapid progress within the first 2 years of operation and diversified in an integrated model, receiving approval for funding assistance to 2 projects under an innovative research promotion scheme of the Government of India’s Department of Biotechnology, 2 significant international collaborations and commercialization of R&D projects

Patron- Dr C.K. GadhviManaging Director- Priyvrat Gadhvi

Patron- Dr C.K. Gadhvi (MBBS, M.D, FICS, FICA, FIMSA)

Dr C K Gadhvi is a celebrated Gynecologist and Surgeon from Gujarat, with surgical experience spanning 4 decades. His experience includes serving as a doctor in the Indian Air Force (1971-74), as a civil surgeon in 4 districts of Gujarat (1975-91), as Director of Health and Medical Services, Govt. of Gujarat (1991-92) and Director of Chandrabhan Hospital, Ahmedabad (1993-present).

He is also a former member of Legal Services Authority, Gujarat High court and an ex-conciliatory judge, Permanent Lok Adalat, Gujarat high court

Dr Gadhvi is also a keen agriculturalist and chairman of Potato growers federation of North Gujarat, a representative body of farmers based at Sardar Krushinagar Dantiwada Agricultural University

Managing Director- Priyvrat Gadhvi (B.Tech, M.S. Biotechnology)

Priyvrat Gadhvi is a biotechnology professional with techno-commercial experience in a diverse set of areas within the domain of Biotechnology. Priyvrat graduated in Biotechnology from the Vellore Institute of Technology, India and completed post graduation in Biotechnology and management from University of East London, U.K. He further studied molecular biology from Harvard University, USA and returned to India to work at a leading biopharmaceutical company of India based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat as a Business development in-charge for contract R&D and manufacturing services. He subsequently worked as lead Business development manager for strategic (international) Genomics & Bioinformatics at a next generation sequencing (NGS) capability Genomics Company.

His is currently associated with a leading Swiss company manufacturing steroidal hormones and Genome Research Foundation of South Korea

He is also a keen wildlife conservationist and runs a charitable organization, REACT (Revival and Conservation) which aims to empower and equip field staff at various wildlife reserves in India.

Human Resources

La Chandra Bioscience is a dynamic and rapidly growing company with a strong pool of scientific talent. Our talent pool of over 30 personnel in R&D, production comprises of doctorates, post graduates as well as graduates in Biotechnology, Botany, Agricultural science and other disciplines

Vision & Mission

La Chandra Bioscience will contribute to Nation building through generation of knowledge pool, innovation, rural empowerment and employment generation, development of scientific skill and know-how in youth and providing bio-technological solutions for various challenges

La Chandra Bioscience will emerge as a front-runner in technology development and emerge as a leading Bioscience based organization in the decades to come

La Chandra Bioscience will generate sustainable and exponential organizational growth through integrated commercial models that enable optimum resource utilization, synergy and high productivity

To continue working passionately with an enduring focus on innovation and application oriented research to develop superior products that perform better, faster and are more cost competitive

To construct a strong knowledge base in human resources and create value through sustained focus on intellectual property generation

To create integrated, sustainable commercial models through a combination of good economics, resource utilization and technology application